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What is climate fresk?

The Climate Fresk is a 3-hour interactive and collaborative workshop that helps you better understand the fundamental science behind the causes and consequences of climate change and empowers you to take action. No knowledge or skills are necessary, the Fresk is open to all, and it’s fun!

The workshop guides you through the findings of reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global authority on climate science. The workshop was designed by climate educator Cédric Ringenbach in 2018 to help make the latest IPCC report more accessible.

You can join the 1.4 million participants globally (156 countries,  45+ languages) that have already followed the workshop, and walked away with a deeper understanding of our climate, a stronger connection to the social issues of climate change, and clear ideas about the difference they can make.







Workshop structure

🧠 The first half of the workshop is an interactive card game. The 42 cards contain the causes and effects of climate change, and you will co-construct a fresco that reveals how human activity leads to major impacts on the planet and human systems.

🎨 Afterwards, you will make the fresco your own by illustrating it and giving it a title – free your artistic soul!

❤️ The story of the climate emergency can be a difficult one to hear and evokes emotions. Therefore, we will sit with that difficulty and share the impact of what we’ve discovered. This will help us overcome despair and overwhelm, get into motion, and move towards action.

🗣 The final part of the workshop is a group action brainstorm. Everyone will work together to open up on ways and strategies of meaningful and impactful climate action – think big! This part can be tailored to your business/sector or community context so you can find the most relevant and specific paths to take.

What is needed?

The workshop is not a lecture; it’s an interactive workshop. We, as facilitators, will guide everyone on the journey and offer new insights and a broad perspective on the state of the planet we call home and the actions we can take to protect it. The goal is that you will feel empowered and leave with a new energy and commitment to make sustainable change.

So, what’s needed? Three hours of your time, and 4-6 participants per group. Depending on the setting and context, we can facilitate several groups simultaneously and work towards actions collectively.

± 3 hours

in person or online

4 – 28 participants

adult & children versions


Sign up for a Climate Fresk workshop or get in touch to explore the impact a Climate Fresk could have in your team, class or community!