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When #NoMowMay comes to an end

A sad sight when #NoMowMay comes to an end..

We’re very happy that #NoMowMay is widely adopted in the Netherlands and that many verges remain un-mowed for a long time. The wildflowers, grasses, and herbs look so pretty and are much better for our insect and bird populations! But it’s still sad when they shred it to pieces in June.

We’re fine with #NoMow always, but the local government has decided it was time to mow down all the flowers on the verge. Now all that remains are confused bees and sad chopped-up street bouquets. 🥀🐝💔

We want: #LetItBloomJune & #KneeHighJuly

Want to learn more about why our pollinators are important? Check out: “#WorldBeeDay should not be about honey” and the full article “What’s wrong with World Bee Day“!

Elise & Joy

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