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What is sustainable gifting and why does it matter?

Did you know that at least 4% of all gifts (and virtually all wrappings and bags) end up in the trash unused? A waste of energy, natural resources, and raw materials. When we waste something, we waste all those embedded resources that go with it.

Does this mean we shouldn’t gift people anymore? No, not necessarily, we personally love to bring gifts whether there is a good reason or non at all! But we must become more conscious about what we gift to each other – there is already enough overconsumption. So, what are good gifts?

🧁 Gift homemade bread, cake, cookies, jam or granola – definitely our personal favourites to give and receive!
🍞 Gift your kombucha SCOBY or sourdough starter – for those that are more adventurous in the kitchen!
🕯Gift homemade wax wraps or candles – make some for yourself as well!
🎩 Gift something from your closet – we all have something we don’t wear, but someone else would still love.
🌵 Gift home-grown plants or cuttings – this reduces a lot of plant miles!
📚 Gift from your bookshelf – books are made for reading after all!
🎨 Gift a self-made card or drawing – finish it off with a poem or some nice words while you’re at it.
🧼 Gift soap or shampoo bars – back to basic!
🎲 Gift something thrifted – a scarf, hat or (board)game, perhaps?
🪁 Gift an experience voucher – something to do together, so you’ll benefit both!
💛 Gift a donation to a nonprofit organisation – one that’s close to their heart!

Let us start normalising secondhand gifts, experience gifts, consumable gifts, handmade gifts and re-gifts.

Last but not least: wrap it up using recycled, repurposed, and natural, compostable materials that can most likely be found around your house. Scrap fabric, old tote bags, reused paper bags, a newspaper, or a box that you’ll bring back home, will do just fine!

Elise & Joy

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