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We’re back at it!

We’re back on the grid! We have been away for much longer than we had in mind, but we are back with fresh energy!

About two years ago, we started playing around with the thought of changing our lifestyle drastically. We both desired to de-clutter our lives (and minds) and live a more meaningful, responsible, and minimalistic lifestyle. While Somewhat Greener is one of the visible results of the first two (meaning and responsibility), it didn’t provide us with less stress, less distraction, more freedom, and more time – something minimalism is all about. Practising minimalism is definitely an ongoing process and can be quite hard from time to time.

In the last two years, we have spent quite some time de-cluttering our home, simplifying our spending, giving away stuff we don’t need, swapping things, practising saying no, intentional shopping, you name it. This process gained a lot of momentum at the beginning of this year when we decided to change course. After a few months of preparation, we minimised (read: donated or given away) all of our belongings until they could fit into 3 boxes, dedicated all of our time to convert an old cargo van into a cosy tiny home, and moved out of our old apartment. It was a super intense period.

Now, we are left with just a few multipurpose items, a small wardrobe, and a super cosy home that provides us with all we need. Our new home also comes with unique challenges – a limited amount of water, energy and storage space – but it also gives us the freedom to visit (and volunteer with) inspiring projects while we work on our own.

PS: if you are interested in our day-to-day struggles, want to follow where we are going, or want to check out bits of the conversion, check out our personal account: @joyandelise. We’ll continue posting on @somewhatgreener as usual!

Elise & Joy

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