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The failure called “Glasgow Climate Pact” – COP26

COP26 has concluded with the parties signing the “Glasgow Climate Pact”. While some progress has been made during this year’s conference, countries in the ‘Global South’ are leaving empty-handed with an outcome that primarily contains the priorities of wealthy nations. Many vulnerable countries made concessions in the name of collective progress but need to wait at least a year for a concrete plan on loss and damage. This, of course, is a massive blow for climate justice – people are suffering today, and ‘Global North’ countries are delaying the needed climate actions.

Many academics have signed an open letter branding COP26 as a “failure” and calling for a “real green revolution” in order to halt GHG emissions, regenerate nature, and adapt to the realities of the worsening climate crisis.

In the upcoming months, we must pressure our leaders to keep their promises. Direct action is needed to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis – every 0.1C counts. It is vital that world leaders sign to quickly phase-out of fossil fuels, provide the funding needed for climate adaption to ensure that no country is left behind, address loss and damage associated with climate change, truly decarbonise the energy economy, and address the climate impact of unsustainable (animal) agriculture at COP27. We need it; the planet needs it.

Once again, billions of people are left with empty hands – the entire world population slowly drowns in promises.

PS: No worries! We brought our swimwear just in case things would float away – pollution is not cool!

Elise & Joy

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