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Plant-based wine and “cheese” platters

Plant-based wine and “cheese” platters are the best! 🍷🐀

You probably understand that generally speaking, cheese is not vegan (most European style cheeses are not even vegetarian!!), but did you know many wines are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as well? This has to do with a process called fining. All young wines contain tiny particles such as proteins, tartrates, tannins, and phenolics. These are in no way harmful, but most wine drinkers like their wine clear and bright. Therefore, most wines are cleared by the use of fining agents. These fining agents usually consist of milk protein (casein), animal protein (gelatin), and fish bladder protein (isinglass). Today many winemakers use clay-based fining agents like bentonite or use activated charcoal. Both options are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Tip! Barnivore is working on a database in which you can check if a drink is vegan or not.

We have been searching for the best cheese alternatives since we went plant-based. True, some are a bit weird, but there are some hidden pearls in there. and @rosieandriffy make some of our personal favourites – we highly recommend trying them out. What is your favourite?

Elise & Joy

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