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Mushroom spotting as a relief for eco-anxiety

Images of wildfires, hurricanes, flash floods, extreme drought and suffering are very real – and more frequent – signs of today’s climate crisis. These changes, the resulting loss and damage and the inadequate governmental responses – especially during events like #COP26 – can make us feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, angry, guilty or powerless from time to time. This is called eco-anxiety, and we are not the only ones experiencing this. A study (conducted with 10.000 16-25 year-olds in 10 different countries) suggests that 59% of young adults are feeling very or extremely worried about climate change and about 45% said that their feelings about climate change “negatively affected their daily life and functioning”.

Adequate governmental responses would certainly help, but this is not something we can control in the short term. So, whenever we feel overwhelmed, we start binging series, go for a skateboard session or take a hike to try and ease our minds. Because skateboards and wet seasons do not match very well, we started looking for funny fungi instead. These mushroom shots might ease your mind as well – #MushroomAppreciation time!

Let us know how you channel your eco-anxiety into positivity!

Elise & Joy

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