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Go plastic free: easy bathroom swaps

Besides taking shorter showers and reducing the water temperature, you can easily reduce your environmental footprint by making simple swaps in your everyday bathroom routine. These are some of the swaps we have made:

♻️ We have swapped out plastics and liquids by choosing bars over bottles. We generally use five of them – a body bar, a shampoo bar, a shaving cream bar, a facial cleanser bar, and a make-up remover bar. We have been experimenting a lot with shampoo bars and body bars and often pick them based on their smell and buy them locally. Bars we often fall back to are the ones from @marcelsgreensoap and @thehappysoaps. Also love the plastic-free bars from @ethiqueworld – most of their products are sold locally here, and we have not found a better cleanser and make-up remover so far.

♻️ We have swapped make-up removal wipes for reusable make-up remover pads – they work great!

♻️ Now that our last toothpaste tube is finally empty (it took a while to go through our entire stock) we have replaced it with toothpaste tablets – they foam less like you are probably used to but work just as fine.

♻️ If you feel like shaving your beard, armpits, legs or privates, then a safety razor is the way to go. The razor itself can last virtually forever, and you can get a lifetime of disposable plastic-free razors for almost nothing.

♻️ Having periods? The reusable menstruation cup (e.g. @organicup) is very comfortable and lasts years, while tampons and pads only last hours.

♻️ We have started using toilet paper from @thegoodroll (ordered without the colourful wraps) because they create it without chemicals and ship without plastic. The rolls also contain much more toilet paper to begin with – lasting even longer than other brands with rolls the same size!

Have you already swapped out all plastics and liquids in your bathroom? Let us know your favourite brands and products down in the comments! If you haven’t, make sure you use up all of your old products (even if they are not sustainable!) before switching to plastic and liquid-free alternatives.

Elise & Joy

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