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Empty pledges and false promises – COP26

Amazing to be surrounded by 40.000 people in Amsterdam during the #ClimateMarch. Millions across the globe marched together to demand climate and social justice from our leaders at #COP26. Not hippy’s, just ordinary people that have a basic understanding of the science and the cost of inaction.

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, world leaders and a massive delegation of fossil fuel representatives (mostly stale, pale, male) are debating if they can afford to let biodiversity and the human race die in the upcoming excruciating environmental disasters and the inevitable and irreversible climate changes. This should not be about assets or popularity but about the future of young ones and the deepening intergenerational inequity as we speak. It should be about the people currently fighting on the frontline and those already heavily impacted by the climate crisis today. It should be about those suffering through colonialism, imperialism, systemic injustices and the merciless greed of Global North countries. It should be about the overexploited countries and the marginalised societies that are systematically left behind to fend for themselves to deal with the problems we have created. This needs to change.

It is time that decision-makers stop the BS and start taking real action – not the empty pledges and promises they are proudly presenting right now.


On another note, here are some of our photo’s from last Saturday’s climate march in #Amsterdam – swipe!

Elise & Joy

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