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Eight years of growth – a quick intro

We haven’t been talking much about ourselves on here for the last year or so, but let’s change that!

Most of you probably have no clue who we are and started following us after you stumbled upon one of our posts or our account in the comment section somewhere. If this is you, we’re very happy that you are here!

We are Elise (she/her) and Joy (he/him) – both Dutch – and @SomewhatGreener is our creative and activistic platform. It has been 8 years since we “swiped” each other to the right on the dating app Tinder – and what a journey it has been! Our Tinder profiles certainly did not say anything about activism, but we have been exploring this together. We found each other in our shared love for philosophy and a good discussion. And since our swipe, our evenings and walks have been filled with endless chatter – sorry, not sorry, for those who have met us IRL.

Throughout the years, we have been taking many small steps towards a more “responsible lifestyle”, but it wasn’t until we took a deep dive into animal ethics (and all the unnecessary cruelty happening in the industry) that we decided to become more vocal about our lifestyle choices. We quickly learned, through street activism, that positive change happens a lot faster if people dare to speak up.

Somewhat Greener is driven by our passion for knowledge and our commitment to meaningful causes. It has become one of our ways to connect with people and get actively involved with important matters. Of course, we can’t discuss everything – we are still (un)learning, we only have so much time, and Instagram gives us a limited number of characters – but our page is slowly turning into something that reflects our day-to-day thoughts.

With our backgrounds in communicational science and engineering, we are particularly interested in understanding the motivations of individuals, corporations, and governments, as well as the technologies aimed at solving societal problems. We are fascinated by the interconnections among various issues and hope that one day, through our work, we can help create conditions for positive change.

We love connecting with people, and that includes you, so let’s connect more often.

Elise & Joy

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