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#DropCroc – I’m not a fashion statement

It is time that fashion brands like @LouisVuitton and @Hermes stop the violent treatment and slaughter of crocodiles and alligators for their skin. Farming and tormenting animals for so-called “luxury” goods is no longer fashionable. Crocodiles that naturally reach the age of approximately 70 years old get brutally killed when they are just 2 to 3 years of age. Three to four young crocodiles get killed for a single handbag.

Together, we can shift the way people view animals, so they are no longer treated as mere assets for commercial gain. Three days ago was the global day of action against the use of crocodile leather. Many people spoke up – inspiring even more people to do the same. Be someone’s inspiration. That day may have ended, but there is no timeframe to speak up for what is right.

Join us in calling out fashion brands to stop using crocodile leather. #SpeakUp


Elise & Joy

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