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Code red for humanity: IPCC climate report summary

Code red for humanity – The IPCC climate report is here. This is our short summary.

Today the 6th assessment report with the most comprehensive and updated knowledge about climate change has been released for the public. This report provides us with overwhelming evidence that climate change is human-induced and tells us that we can absolutely avoid the worst predicted scenario’s and that we have the possibility to build a better world in the process.

The COP26 Summit in Glasgow is around the corner. Policymakers must take the climate crisis seriously and take immediate global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If not, the universally accepted ‘target’ of 1,5°C temperature rise will be beyond reach, and the climate crisis will turn into a climate catastrophe.

Be aware that the present report only analyses the physical climate system. It does not include information about the natural and socio-economic impacts of climate change or an assessment of how we can mitigate or adapt to these impacts – these reports are expected to be released in 2022.

For now, please turn any feeling of climate doomism into climate action. Battling the impacts of climate change is not something anyone can do on their own overnight. In order to positively change the world, we need weight in numbers. Our world and future depend on it.

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