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Birthday lunch at Mediamatic in Amsterdam

Eating plant-based is not as limiting as some people believe. Combining a few ingredients and creativity can bring amazing delicious dishes to the table, something we could experience (again) during Joy’s birthday lunch at @MediaMatic_eten in Amsterdam. They add a lot of playfulness to the dishes with the herbs and mushrooms they grow themselves and the ingredients they smoke and ferment. All other elements – like vegetables – are seasonal and locally produced or bought from carefully selected suppliers, which makes this our favourite plant-based restaurant so far!

This time we shared freshly cut and grilled oyster mushrooms, pumpkin soup with fresh herbs, pizza with shiitake sauce and fermented black beans, and a chocolate mouse with lavender and smoked sea salt – all equally amazing and delicious!

With hundreds of plants and the many different techniques to give them flavour, there is still so much we would like to try and taste. There are so many different fruits, vegetables, tubers, grains, legumes, …, we haven’t eaten yet, and there are so many techniques we want to master ourselves.

Excited to know what your absolute favourite plant-based dish is – let’s know in the comments!

Elise & Joy

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