Are we finally parting with “dirty” palm oil?

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Sustainability is a shared journey. If we want the world to produce sustainable timber, palm oil, cocoa, cotton or rubber, we must support that movement and be a part of the change. But finding out where to start or to support that movement can be difficult, especially with industry-funded articles and greenwashing claims obscuring the reality of the impact of the products we buy.

The memory of an old Greenpeace commercial (the one with the KitKat – below) triggered us to look into palm oil a bit more. We started digging and came across many publications on European due diligence and no-deforestation laws, annual reports criticising auditing and certification bodies, and NGO-led awareness campaigns. In the end, we got caught up in the palm oil industry’s complexity and reports from investigation bodies portraying a bleak picture.

We decided it was time to put some things on paper to give an overview of the current situation and draw extra attention to the dilemma we’re facing. Global deforestation is pushed by an exponentially growing demand for edible oils (expected to double in 2040). And while oil palm is often portrayed as a solution because of its efficiency (very high yield per hectare, less energy input, less required fertiliser and pesticides), the destructive course of the palm oil industry is far from sustainable.

In our new research article, we discuss how palm oil ended up in almost everything we buy, what the palm oil problem is, how the RSPO certification system works, RSPO’s shortcomings and criticism, if we can brew ourselves out of the palm oil crisis and what we can do to participate in the transformation of the palm oil industry. It turned out to be a long one – approx. 24min read – but it will give you a basic understanding of the impact of our palm oil consumption. Of course, we can’t fit everything in a single Instagram post. So, we’ve tried to summarise some of it in this carousel – but more is coming later this week! Please read our new article and let us know what you think!

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