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2023 highlights!

We’re not consistent in posting new content, nor can we keep our stories live to discuss all topics that do not get the attention they need – this has been bothering us a lot. But at the same time, we’ve been working hard to create the conditions needed for positive change. Many long days have been spent reading and writing. We had dreamed about writing a report and being able to go to COP, but we never thought we would get the opportunity this year – what a privilege! We’ll talk a bit more about our role at COP28 in another post, and for now, we’ll share some of our personal highlights of 2023. <3

🌞 We got to live another year in our self-built tiny home on wheels – spent winter in Spain and Portugal, spring in the UK and back home, summer in Germany and France, and fall in Italy and Dubai. The last two weeks of the year we’ve spent among family and friends!

🦑 We welcomed our new nephew into the world and are super happy we were able to get some glimpses of his little life.

📚 We read many eye-opening reports, papers and books and learned so much about Earth system science, planetary boundaries, systems thinking, the doughnut economy, the global food system and ethics in general, and started integrating that into our own projects.

🌱 We got in touch with many awesome projects and had the opportunity to go to COP28 in Dubai with the Plant Based Treaty to present our research and advocate for a swift transition towards a food system that is both ecologically safe and socially just.

💭 We have built a website, illustrated posts, interviewed others, spoken in public, given lectures and workshops, joined campaigns and protests, lobbied, turned research into writing, and now dream of starting our own company combining it all.

💡 We’ve joined the Climate Fresk community and have started our facilitating journey!

💓 We’ve got to meet some people from the amazing online community in real life and made many new friends worldwide!

We start the year with a lot of energy and hope – wherever and whoever you are, let’s unite and fight for collective liberation on a liveable planet. We’re ready for a revolution! ⭐⭐

Elise & Joy

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