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2022, time to get actively involved with the planet, people and other living beings

2022 is here! Have you already thought about what you can do this year to improve your connection with, and lessen your impact on, humans, other animals species, and the environment? Here is our list of things you can work on this year!

Many years ago, we played a crucial role in maintaining ecosystems. But as time progressed, dramatic changes in the relationship between humans, other living beings, and the environment occurred. After years of exponential change, especially in “recent” years (e.g., the Industrial Revolution), we have lost our connections to humans, other animals species, and the environment.

Our species, especially in modern-day society, has been recognised for being insatiable consumerists, violent abusers of human and non-human animals, and committed environmental destructionists. Our species is in urgent need of reconnection – to the environment, each other, and other animal species.

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Elise & Joy

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