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About us

We are Elise and Joy – the faces behind Somewhat Greener. At the beginning of 2020, we started our journey towards a more responsible lifestyle. To find our way, we started educating ourselves on sustainability and ethics. We started to consume more consciously but soon realised that when you see the wellbeing of others being unnecessarily compromised, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle isn’t enough. Positive change will happen a lot faster if people dare to speak up. So why wouldn’t we?


Hi! I’m Elise (she/her), and I am ready to break the silence. If I have learned one thing from this journey, it is that there is so much I don’t fully understand yet. Luckily I love to learn. With a background in communicational science, media psychology and consumer research, I have a special interest in what makes people, corporations and governments move. I believe that education is the foundation for progress because it helps people to understand “why” change is needed. It connects people and creates the drive within communities to start moving.

For me, creativity is an important element of communication. It can tell the story when words fall short. Translating research into creative concepts is something that I love to do – as I love doodling, photographing, climbing, skateboarding, dancing, drinking good coffee, and learning all about Earth system science.

Elise van Breda


Hee! I’m Joy (he/him), and I want to leave the world better than I have found it. This journey has shown me the huge impact we have on societies and the world we live in, and it made me realise that this is not something I can change on my own. In order to positively change the world, we need weight in numbers. I want to show people what is possible by leading by example, and I hope that my voice can make a difference.

With my background in engineering physics, it is the technologies that aim to solve societal problems that make me excited. I am striving to educate myself to understand the science behind what we can do to adapt to and reverse climate change. Besides reading up on science and connecting to people, I love to skateboard, climb, hike, teach, cook experimentally, craft, host dinner parties and play board games.

Joy (Dorant) van Breda


Somewhat greener

Somewhat Greener is an educational platform that takes a systemic approach to the ecological and societal crises humanity is facing. Through storytelling and interactive workshops, we make science accessible and help create and facilitate conditions for positive societal change. We have a total ethics approach, including intergenerational, intragenerational, and interspecies justice, and we specialize in earth system science, climate justice, and food system transformation.

We need to speak up and get actively involved together to change the world for the better. Positive change will happen a lot faster if people dare to speak up. So why wouldn’t you?

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